Sunday, August 30, 2009

September 30th St. Jerome

The Catholic Encyclopedia has a thorough article on the life and works of St. Jerome.

Basic Stats

Doctor of the Church, Original Translator of the Bible

Born: c. 340-347, Stridon, on the border of Dalmatia and Pannonia

Died: 420, Bethlehem, Judea
Major shrine: Basilica of Saint Mary Major, Rome, Italy ("Home" of Our Lady of the Snow)

Feast: September 30
Symbolism: lion, cardinal attire, cross, skull, trumpet, owl, books and writing material

Patronage: archeologists; archivists; Bible scholars; librarians; libraries; schoolchildren; students; translators

Teachers' Helps
-- Look ahead to get your hands on the Rumer Godden storybook: St. Jerome and the Lion (Can usually be purchased for under $5 online, plus shipping)
-- Bake carmel cupcake lions,  found in Catholic Cuisine, along with instructions for a lion cake and other goodies.
-- You can find a fun recipe using scriptural "hints" here.
-- Directions for a Bible-shaped cake can be found here or you can buy a cake shaped pan here (but you may be find oner it cheaper, used, on E-bay...)
-- An easy paper plate lion craft for the feastday can be found here.
-- Some more advanced lion crafts here.
-- For older students: Research the origins of the Douay Rheims version of the Bible and compare it to other versions, such as the King James and NIV translations.  The first 1500 years (or so) of Bible history can be found in the Catholic Encyclopedia.  The rest of it can be found here.   A great book for High School students is: Where We Got the Bible, which can be ordered from Tan books.
Painting below:
St Jerome in his Study