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St. Catherine of Ricci, February 13th

Born: April 23, 1522(1522-04-23), Florence, Italy

Died: February 1, 1590 (aged 67)

Canonized: 1746, Rome by Pope Benedict XIV

Feast: February 13

* Biography from the Catholic Encyclopedia

 Miscellaneous Interesting Facts About St. Catherine

* St. Catherine of Ricci is an incorruptible; her body lies darkened but whole and incorrupt after more than five hundred years in the Basilica di Santa Maria de' Ricci in Prato, Italy. There is a list of other incorruptible saints here.

* St. Catherine had a special devotion for the Souls in Purgatory and offered many prayers and penances on their behalf.  It is recorded that she always wore a heavy chain around her neck as a sacrifice for the Poor Souls.

* One of the documented miracles that led to her canonization was bilocation.  Among her contemporaries were St. Charles Borromeo, St. Philip Neri, and St. M. Magdalen de Pazzi. With St. Philip Neri and St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi she is said to have participated in miraculous coversation, never having met them in real life.

* St. Catherine bore the stigmata, and in a miraculous way, relived Christ's journey through the Passion every week for many years in a mystical ecstasy that was thoroughly documented in her time.

* The Canticle of the Passion was revealed to Catherine after her first ecstasy of the Passion. It was Our Blessed Mother's desired that Catherine spread it as a form of prayer and contemplation pleasing to Our Lord.

Canticum de Passione Domini

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To Observe the Day

* Get a copy of Joan Carrol Cruz's book The Incorruptibles to learn about the amazing miracle God bestows upon some of His saints after their deaths.

* Study the miracle of the stigmata.  You can find a list of saints who were graced with the stigmata here.

* Discuss the value of sacrifice and penance.  Offer some penances for the Holy Souls in Purgatory today in honor of St. Catherine Ricci.

* Copy, save, and print the above black and white images of St. Catherine for your own personal use as coloring pages.